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I Have a question about knock sensors/monitor gauges. I have a haltech elite 550 and there isn't a option for ignition knock detection so I'm not very comfortable tuning the ignition timing. So I was looking for a external knock monitor or listening device if that's the only thing accurate enough for my budget. Id really like to get the plex knock monitor but for the price of $1000 I might as well buy a ecu capable of controling knock. So the only other option I came across is the Casper's electronics knock monitor gauge. It's looks kind of cheaply made but that doesn't always mean it's not affective. And the small amount of reviews that I could find weren't enough to sell me on it. Does anyone have any experience in this Casper monitor? And if not what would you suggest ? I'd perfer a gauge style monitor but if it's not that accurate I'd rather not waste money on it. Thanks allot!

Even with an ECU capable of knock control you will still need audio knock detection equipment to set it up properly. I wouldnt bother with the common gauge/warning lamp type systems, the human ear is generally much better at differentiating knock from normal mechanical noise than lowcost electronic devices.

As for audio knock gear, the Link G4+ knockblock is a very good device for the money or you could take a look at the tunernerd knock monitor. I havent tried the tunernerd myself, but it seems to have reasonable feedback from users. I have both a Link and plex and would say the Link is as good or has slightly better audio in most cases. I use the Link more often as it is just easier to connect with built-in battery and no setup.

Hi Travis, if you're after a more budget orientated knock monitoring system then I'd highly recommend the Tuner Nerd. It does require a little more time to get it setup but the results are excellent. I also like the Link Knock Block and this is also very cost effective compared to the Plex unit.

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