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Link Fury ecu loosing connection

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Hey team

I have an s15 with a 2jzgte swap, wiring specialties pro harness and Link G4+ Fury.

I’m trying to set my base timing with a timing light and I can’t get an ignition signal out to No1 coil when cranking.

I get a perfect signal when in TEST function and the strobe light flashing but nothing when cranking the engine over.

I loose ECU connection on the laptop every time I crank the engine over and my ignition won’t turn off when I turn the ignition key off. I have been turning my negative battery isolator off every time to turn off ignition.

ive researched and feel it’s to do with my ignition relay.

any help would be amazing

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Disconnecting during cranking and no spark suggests the ECU is loosing power during cranking. There is a blue light just to the left of the "A" plug on the ecu. Can you take a look at that while cranking to see if that stays on.

Just had the battery charging over night to eliminate low voltage on cranking, still has the same issue.

Adam, the blue light stays on while cranking but my digital dash turns off while cranking still.

The blue light is never solid and has an increasing flashing sequence if that means anything?

When I initially turn power on it flashes three times, pause, flashes 4 times, pause, flashes 5 times and continues To increase. When I crank the engine over it keeps flashing as normal.

I’ve just cleared all faults and blue light is now solid, on cranking the blue light stays solid and ecu now does not loose connection to the laptop PClink.

ive attached a runtime value screen shot of the Trig1 and 2 signal showing YES when cranking, that leads me to believe I have crank and cam signal feedback?

I also have no more error code activating which is great.

but still no strobe light activation on my timing light when cranking. I do have it with test function as stated previously.

is there anyway to see on the pclink if number one ignition coil Is firing when cranking?

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From your screenshot everything looks ok. If you have realistic, stable RPM and dwell when cranking and no limiters then the the ecu will be commanding spark.

Have you tried pulling a plug out to watch if there is actually a spark while cranking? I have been through painful troubleshooting with some users before where it was just the timing light not picking it up so I always start by asking that now.

Can you attach a log of it cranking and a triggerscope.

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