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Link G4 Evo 8 PNP No Spark

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Hello all, I have an Evo 8 with Link G4 being installed on it, I'm using a Kiggly 12 tooth trigger wheel setup. I'm trying to get the car running to make sure it's ok to send to the tuner, and I'm stuck at the offset calibration. While cranking the car over with a timing light, the ignition will not fire. If I go to ignition test the timing light will blink with the ignition. These are my settings, which I verified on multiple forums before coming here. My cam sensor wheel has been modified so it only has 1 tooth to tell the Ecu where TDC is, and in the F12 menu trigger 1 and 2 show green when cranking. Any help or tips would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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Can you do a trigger scope while cranking and a PC log of some cranking also.

Also trigger 1 and 2 show yes while cranking and the RPM’s are 200. The first photo (not zoomed in) is cranking with plugs in and the second photo (zoomed in) is cranking with plugs out. Will get a video after work.

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This might (probably!) be a silly question, but is it possible you have mixed up the signals so the crankshaft is on the can sensor channel and vice versia?

I don't think so, since the RPM is correct. it would be much slower with only one pulse every 2 revs.

No. Those are definitely correct.

The log files would be more useful, a pic or video rarely shows anything useful. Attach a copy of the tune also. Does it have the stock ignition system?

Adam, what all would you like to see logged on the cranking log so I can make sure it’s being shown.

By default PC link is set up to record everything when logging to pc. But just to be sure, go to >logging > setup logging, make sure you are on the pc log tab and down the bottom of that screen hit the “Add All” button. From then on in it will always record every channel. F8 on your keyboard to start and stop the log.

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