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The error im facing now is with the A/C AUX or DI set up! switched aux 3 AC CLUTCH polarity (high) to have the ac work with proper cooling .

Right now it is as follows:

DI4: Air Con Request Pullup Resistor - ON On Level - HIGH

AUX3: Polarity - HIGH Clutch Release

TP (MAIN) SW OFF Value - 90 Clutch Delay - 0.3s

Does this look correct to you?

Im starting to wonder if it does need to be changed (even though it is working) because im having trouble with the idle when the button is pressed. its reversed. Press the A/C button and the idle drops to 700 rpm, then will jump back up. And when its switched off again, the revs shoot up to 1200rpm and stays there. I would expect that to be opposite.


The first thing to check is the DI4 runtime switches on and off correctly when you switch the A/C on and off. Provided that is working correctly (green when on), then you probably just need to look at the idle control settings. The AC or Fan step settings may be too small.

Hello Adam

yes digital 4 is active its just working reversed. Press the A/C button and digital 4 will switch to "off" ,And when the A/C button switched off the digital 4 will turn in to green "ACTIVE" I would expect that to be opposite.

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Ok, so your DI is set wrong. Set the DI4 "on level" to low. Aux 3 polarity will probably also need to be changed back to low.

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