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Link PNP Supralink for Mk4 Supra

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Hi Guys.

I have been looking for an ECU for my Supra based on keeping the stock twins, i have now changed my mind and will be going single turbo.

I am looking at the PNP Link.

There are a few things I am confused about with the PNP (Apologies, I am a newbie to tuning).

1. Lambda control: I have a AEM Uego, can I just hook up the 5v output to an analogue input on the PNP? Do I need the CAN Lamba plugged to a digital input?

2. Knock control: The stock sensors are shown on the wiring diagram, the thing I am confused about is with these enabled will the ecu just log knock?

The threads I have read saw that I need the knock block to be enable the ecu to pull timing on detecting knock?

3. Can I wire windband knock sensors in separately to other inputs?

Is there anything else that I should note with this combo?

Thanks in advance.

Here's some answers to your questions:

1. the Lambda control can be done via any wideband controller. You don't need the Link CAN-Lambda unit and any 0-5 volt controller will work. You do need to be aware that a CAN based controller does offer more reliable data transmission and the benefit of error checking.

2. You can use the stock sensors for knock control although I'm currently tuning a Supra and have found that the stock sensors seem to be maxing out the noise level at around 5500 rpm. You still need to configure the knock control to allow this feature to work properly. Search 'knock control' in our webinar archive as there's a few Link specific examples.

3. The ECU has two dedicated inputs for the knock sensors so if you want to use knock control you need to use these inputs.

Thanks Andre.. Appreciate the help.

Will check out the webinar and hopefully it answers my questions.

Out of interest, what setup is the Supra that you are tuning?

I'd replace the stock knock sensors with new wideband knock sensors and tune your knock control based on that. I've never really had good results with the stock knock sensors on a built Supra.

Andre, Had a look at the webinar, very helpul.

Just another question, would you recommend the kurofune & stock ecu combo for a single turbo conversion or the plugin version?

Only reason is using the Kurofune will allow me to map the car with the stock sequential turbo at first then move to single turbo later.


My experience with piggy-back installs is that they get pretty messy pretty quickly, I'd stay away from them if possible, and go for the plug in.

Can you convert the sequential system of the MKIV Supras to run parallel, and no longer need the control solenoids? Could be another option to get it up and running on a plug in ECU and then convert it to single turbo later on.

The system can be converted to parallel pretty easily, the driveablity is compromised as car only boosts after 3500 rpm as compared to almost instantly.

But in the grand scheme of things, not a trainsmash.

Thanks for the comment.

It's the same story with their FD3S plugins, they wont run the OEM sequential setup. The guys at link have the smarts to do it for sure, and the ecu's have the hardware, but I reckon they don't support the sequential operation because the cars themselves are all pretty old by now, and they don't want to end up having to provide support to people for problems that aren't actually anything to do with their ECU's... All the actuators and solenoids are usually a bit 'iffy' by now...

So true Zac.

With my car, I dynoed the car at 210wkw when I got it. After just replacing vac hoses, VSVs, a few pipes and valves, finished off at 250wkw...

Further update, looked more carefully at the PNP patch for the Haltech Elite, it has support for the VSV's on the sequential system.

Looks like this will cover mapping the stock twins and when the car is single turboed.

Think this will be a better bet as the car is much more drivable in sequential mode.

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