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M150 toyota 86 Throttle Area

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Is there any good calibration for this. ?

As i logged from my stock ecu. The idle is only reads 1.7% and 2.5% with the air conditioning on.

Motec stock package v5 is giving 14% at arround idle.

I tried to open the othe package as well and they all have the same table..

Even for v8 engine.

Is anyone tuning this on their car or leave them ?

You cannot compare the Throttle area values from the stock ECU to the M1, they are calculated in a different way.

Most people will leave them as standard from the data that I have seen, others will change them slightly to change the characteristics of the engine, such as slowing the throttle movement in cruise areas in relation to the pedal to dampen the engines response to small pedal movements.

Thanks black rex. Thats a relieve. One more part that have not to worry

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