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Megalogviewer HD - VE Analysis with non MS ECU

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is anyone using VE Analysis of megalogviewer with a non MS ECU. I'm not able to get it working with adaptronic modular

best regards


I haven't used it with the Adaptronic ECU but provided you can save a log in .csv format I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work? I've analysed MoTeC logs with good success in MLVHD. What's your specific issue?

Hi Andre!

I don't mean the histogram view.

I mean the VE Analysis function under "Data log" on right. First problem was when clicking on "VE Analyzer" the message appears that the software can't find MAP, because adaptronic uses IMAP, EMAP, IMAP2, EMAP2 and so on. So I made a custom field MAP = [IMAP].

But now when I now click on "VE Analyzer" nothing happens. Maybe I have to make more custom fields but I don't know which are needed

Best regards


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