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Mitsubishi EVO 10 black soot

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This is simply a curiosity question. I have noticed that every EVO 10 when put under load generates a lot of black soot. They do this even when Lambda values are in normal ranges.

I checked a few forums and Google mechanic had no answer apart from saying that is just what an EVO 10 does.

With all the experience on here I am interested to see what everyone's thoughts are as to why they do this.


There's a variety of potential causes for this situation. Essentially however it comes down to fuel passing through the combustion chamber unburned and this can be the result of fuel being injected in a form that is difficult to combust such as liquid fuel. this could for example be due to injectors offering a poor spray pattern or poor atomisation of the fuel. It can also be caused by injector timing or injector targeting.

Hey Andre,

Maybe I should elaborate a little more. In stock form the EVO 10 does this. Flash tune the ECU and it will still do it. Change injectors and they still do it.

A number of different ones I have seen from different tuners still do it. Even using E85 they still do it but greatly reduced.

Given all of that I was thinking it may have been related to combustion chamber design or fuel condensing on port walls at WOT or similar. But spray targeting was one I definitely consider as a possibility.

Guess I was just hoping for someone to say I did this and it made a difference.


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