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hi, quick question has anyone built a full custom loom for the car to simplify the electrics? Maybe even to run a pdm like ecu master etc, just looking for guidance to and possibly photos of any builds just to give me an idea as to where to start, thanks Blair

Basically anything is possible - It's just going to depend how much time and money you're prepared to spend. Part of your decision is going to come down to what the car is being used for, or to put it simply, what factory functionality you need to retain. For example if it's a road car and you need all of the factory electrics to work then this is going to be a complex task. If on the other hand it's for a stripped out race car with just the bare basics operational then this becomes a much simpler job. Certainly a PDM is a great option if it's within your budget and this will greatly simplify the task and give you better diagnostics ability too.