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MoTec M1 Firmware Upgrade

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Hopefully someone will be-able to weigh in on this situation.

Do to the global backorder on most MoTec products, in particular the M1 Series ECUs I had a hell of a time finding an M150 for a MK3 Supra/2jz VVTI build I'm completing.

I was able to purchase a new, licensed M150 from a dealer that had a unit left over from a recent order but it came preloaded with the GPA firmware.

Issue: I know that I will need the features in the GPR version of M1 firmware and could likely upgrade the GPA to the GPR through MoTecs 80% off upgrade program...

However, most tuners in my area seem to use the John Reed Racing 2JZ version of the GPR...

Question: Does anyone have experience with the MoTec GPR firmware and the JRR 2JZ GPR firmware? Are the two similar? It will likely cost me about $500 USD more to go for the JRR modified firmware.

What differences can I expect? I'm still making it through the M1 Software Tutorial and uncertain if JRR simply locks the Triggering and hence his reduced cost and the rest of the firmware is intact or if their are other JRR "added" features that would be missed.

I have emailed JRR (I've also asked a few of his previous customers to email him on my behalf) but so far no responses from him or his team.

Thanks in advance for any info yall can provide.

Hi Trevor,

What sort of usage are you planning on for the vehicle? The JRR Package is aimed towards drag racing usage, but can still be used for a road car. The base functionality of the to Packages is very similar, if not the same, John has made changes to functions like the anti lag, launch and nitrous, amongst others.

Thanks for the reply.

The car will be mostly used on street with track weekends a few times a year. Occasional drag but not setup for that and not it's intended use.

I plan to run VVTI, 68mm Bosch DBW, Water/Meth injection (two injectors), Flex Fuel, Traction Control, 4-Port Boost Solenoid, quick spool valve solenoid, 2-step/rolling antilag with brake pedal switch, and a trim switch.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Trevor,

With those requirements, the JRR Package will be the better option.

Thank you very much for the reply. I'll move that direction.

Much appreciated,


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