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Motec M142 Logged Data Image Conversion - Back Door

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Does anyone know if it is possible to back door a Motec logged data image file (M1DLI) that you do not have "permission" to convert for viewing in i2Pro?

Basically I have an ECU that is password protected that I do not know the password to at the moment. I'd simply like to be able to view the logged data I've downloaded within i2Pro.

May be a long shot but if anyone has a method for converting a raw M1DLI file into a .id/idx file (python script, macro, etc) it would be much appreciated!!



You should be able to open the file in I2 Standard (after conversion using "File->Convert Log File". Unless Pro Analysis is enabled in the ECU (not very common), or your PC has the annual "Open I2 Std files in I2 Pro)" again, not very common, you won't be able to use I2 Pro.

However, I2 Standard is more than adequate for looking at a diagnostic log file.

If the Package in the m1dli file is password protected, then you need to have access to the password to be able to extract the log file from the m1dli file. This is due the the Package being embedded in the logging and being able to be extracted from the log file from i2.

Yep the package is password protected. I wasn’t aware the m1dli file contained the package as well as the log file. I just want the log file and was hoping there was a clever way to get it without a password.

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