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Motec M400 with AEM 4-channel UEGO setup

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I have a turbo Honda roadrace car, with a Motec M400 ECU. Right now, I'm using the single WB O2 option, but I'd like to do more with individual cylinder tuning to ensure everything is running as efficiently and safely as possible. I'm not necessarily looking for more power, but mostly concerned with reliability since the car will be driven hard in 45 minute sprint races in some fairly hot climates (and maybe we'll do an enduro one day).

I've been considering the AEM 30-2340 with 4 sensors and the backpressure sensor. The AEM has a CAN output, but from what I can tell, it's not compatible with the Motec CAN configuration (please correct me if I'm wrong!), so I'm looking at using the 4 individual voltage outputs.

Would the 4 individual WBO2 sensors be something we should run full time, or should we only use it for tuning purposes and plug the fittings in the manifold for regular use?

We are also using a manifold blanket, so I envisioned modifying the blanket with holes so that the sensors would stick out from the blanket (because I figure covering the sensors will seriously limit their lifetime due to the heat). This would be moot if we only run the sensors for tuning.

You're right, the AEM CAN output isn't easy to use in an M400. If you're using a MoTeC dash then you can decode the lambda data in the dash and then transmit it to the M400 replicating a MoTeC LTC CAN template (we've done this in our Toyota 86). Otherwise you can use the analogue voltage outputs but you do need to be aware that analogue voltage lambda inputs are quite sensitive to ground offsets. This is less of an issue in your case since you'll only be using the individual cylinder data for trimming the cylinders and the collector lambda will be used for tuning.

Most people just use these sensors for tuning purposes and remove the sensors for race use however there's nothing to stop you running them all the time. Your sensor life may be reduced due to the heat pre-turbo.

I am using a C125 dash, but I haven’t looked into the CAN interface on it. Are the inputs customizable moreso than the M400? It sounds like I can, which would be preferable to tying up 4 analog inputs. I’ll have to do more research.

Thank you!

also, any benefit to running EGT probes along with the WBO2 sensors? I figure if we are building a new manifold, easy to incorporate those as well.

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