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Nissan Skyline R33 RB25DET Spec 2 Tuning Help

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Good Morning.

I'm a long way away from any dyno.

I was hoping to get some help from you regarding my tune, I've done quite a few courses to understand what's needed in tuning. Sadly i'm at a bit of a dead end and was hoping you could take a look at my map. I have sent a list of brief upgrades on the vehicle but it just wont start.

When I plug in the factory ecu the car will start one time but idle roughly of course probably due to the change in injector size etc. See list of upgrades below.


ID1080 Injectors

Garrett GTX3076R Gen ii

Greddy style intake with 80mm throttle body and IAT sensor

Link Wideband O2 sensor kit

450lph Walbro fuel pump + Tomei FPR

Splitfire Coils + NGK Plugs

Cometic Head Gasket

Stock Bottom End

Just looking for some sort of guidance/answers in where i could have gone wrong when building my map, maybe you would notice something 'off' on my map due to your experience. Thanks Again.

Note: Base map had similar results.

Please see my map attached. Hoping you could help me and would really appreciate it. Thank You in advance.

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Hi Zunaid, you haven't really given much feedback on what issues you're having so it's hard to pinpoint exactly what is wrong. At a quick glance though the fuel map has a massive step from 50-60 kpa which definitely won't be correct. The timing map also peaks at5500-6000 rpm and then the timing drops as the rpm increases which almost certainly won't be what the engine wants.

Given the fact you're running a Nissan I'd be inclined to suspect that if you're having issues then it could be related to the trigger system as the Nissan 360 optical sensor is often problematic. If you can add a log file and a little more info about what it's doing on the Link ECU then it will make it much easier for us to help you.

Hi Andre.

Sorry for the delay. Haven't worked on the car since, getting around to it now.

I've stored the ecu to its base map that comes with the ecu program. Doing a trigger setup for the Nissan 360 opto.

I'm getting the following results :

Trig1 - no

Trig 2 - yes

ECCS Sync - yes

Rpm - 0

ECCS widest slot - 24degrees

What should I do next?

Current Map is attached to this message also a log while cranking if that will help.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Zunaid.

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Hi again. Scratch the last message. I finally managed! All triggers are responding and the car starting now. I'll just need a little help with the mapping, as soon as I touch the rev the car cuts off.... Will send a log, maybe you can help with my fuel and ignition tables

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