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No Base fuel map showing

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So I have a syvecs s6 ecu on a Ford Focus mk2 RS. The car don't run very smoothly around idle and for some reason holds 2k revs when changing gear.

Now when I connect to the ecu and look at the base fuel map 1 it is flat and just shows 0.000 all the way across.

But when looking at the secondary fuel injection time it shows a graph with what looks like a fuel table.

Should there be a base fuel table 1 map or is the secondary fuel injection time table the table I should be looking at.

I dont have huge experience with Syvecs, but will share what I remember. I think you have some of your terminology wrong above. There should be 4 maps named "Base Injection time *", then a map for secondary load injection time and another for secondary load injection time blend.

The secondary load maps are generally used to add a "4th dimension" to the base fuel such as alpha-N + MAP correction.

Which base injection time map is being used is determined by the cal switch setting - Calibration switches>Ingn & fueling>Base fuel map select.

Thanks for the reply Adam. Knowing me I'm probably not looking at the right thing.

Here are the maps I'm looking at

Base injector time 1

Secondary load injector time

Secondary load injector time blend

Attached Files

Yes those are the maps I was talking about. You had named them different in your first post though. So from your pics we can see you have a TPS Vs RPM sec load map and the "50" in the sec load injection time blend means it is blending the output of the sec load injection time map with one of the Base injector time maps. As I mentioned earlier you can look at the cal switch setting to see which one it is using.

So here are the cal settings I have.

But am I missing something??? Should there be something showing in Base Injector time 1

As from cal01 to cal12 they are all set to Base Fuel Map 1 table.

As you can see in the files It just shows all 0.000s

Attached Files

So, you've identified which maps to modify, time to get tuning! If the intention was a to have all zeros, then you would think it's easier just to set the Secondary Load Injection Time Blend to 100% and only tune the secondary load map (i.e. throttle).

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