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I need to know how to control NOS by Link g4+ storm. I need the ecu to change fuel map and ignition timing while NOS is being shot.


How would you like the Nitrous delivered? Full jets activated on a switch, or progressive or conditions that need to be met and the ecu activates it?

Have you done the G4+course? It will give you information on gp inputs etc which I would use for this kind of job

no problem / I use tps as activation and then a 4d fuel table for extra fuel. is that the sort of thing you where thinking of,

There are multiple ways of using the G4+ to control nitrous depending if you're using a wet or dry kit. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

1. Use a GP output to control the NOS activation. This way you can set up a TPS and RPM threshold that needs to be exceeded to activate the nitrous solenoid.

2. Generally I've used a 4D ignition table to trim timing when the NOS is active. You could alternatively use dual tables and switch between them but 4D typically makes tuning easier.

3. You can use a 4D fuel trim table to trim fuel delivery when the NOS is active. Even on a wet kit this is useful as you typically don't get very fine control of the AFR through the jet alone. In a dry system this would be essential however you may need to use a dual fuel table to cope with the fuel demands as you can only trim +60% on a 4D trim table.

Let us know if you have more questions.

Thanks for the reply guys, I've been working a lot this month and haven't time to check the forum.

I'll start working on the car i asked this question for these days.

It's turbocharged BMW E36 328is drift car so i need the ecu to control the NOS in specified conditions before full boost although it has an anti-lag system but i will try making NOS stop before full boost or keeping going with WOT anyway and will leave it in the best performing set up.

I'll let you know what comes next.

If you want to use the nitrous to aid spool up then all you need to do is include manifold pressure as an input to the GP output you're using to control the nitrous solenoid. In this case you would normally specify three conditions for the GP output to be active - RPM > XXXX, MAP > XXX, MAP < XXX. This lets you configure a MAP window when the nitrous will be active.

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