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O2 sensor and controller distance

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Hello, I am switcing from a G4+ PNP unit to a wire-in G4+.

I've initially placed an order for the G4+ Xtreme but the shop seemed to have made a mistake and ordered a Fury unit instead so now I've got a free upgrade to from Xtreme to Fury which has an extra integrated O2 controller.

Given I already have a CAN Lambda unit, I am just wondering whether I should take advantage of the on-board O2 or whether I should stick with the CAN Lambda. The CAN lambda unit allows minimal distance between the controller and the O2 sensor and will minimize any signal degradation between the sensor and controller. Using the on-board O2 will simplify things but requires a much longer cable routing from the sensor to the controller (around 5 feet more).

I am just wondering whether effect of the extra wiring length is enough for me to even bother? or should I just do whatever is the simplest to wire up.

Thank you

What sensors are these using? Just typical Bosch LSU 4.2 or 4.9 sensors? Do you already have sensor harnesses of the appropriate length for each scenario?

If the sender is compatable, can't see the wiring length making any difference, and it takes a possible error/bias source out of the equation.

I would use whichever option is easiest for you to implement. I don't believe you'll have any trouble with the lambda wiring being 5' long.

They both use a 4.9LSU sensor. The CAN-Lambda unit already came with all the appropriate harness and plug so all I need is a CAN line to the ECU.

Arghx7 you do bring up a good point. I do need to build a full harness for my new wire-in ECU and if I would like to use the onboard O2 sensor, I'll need to purchase the appropriate connector to mate with the sensor and run the wiring for it. It's not difficult to do but would definitely mean more work.

4.9 connector is an oval, 4.2 is square/rectangle. Watch out for electrical noise.

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