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Pinouts for haltech wideband controller

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I'm chasing the pinouts for the DTM-6 connector that the o2 sensor plugs into on a haltech dual channel wideband controller (non-CAN version). Wire colors are red, black, brown, green and white.

I've asked haltech and they don't seem to have it (even though they made it) so I'm hoping maybe someone on here has used one before.


Never mind -- I misread your request -- I thought you wanted the pinout from the controller, not for the sensor.

They have sample diagrams for pretty much everything else apart from this controller for some reason. In fact if you search the part number (HT010704) on Haltech's web site it doesn't even return any results. This is what Haltech sent me - https://www.haltech.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Haltech-Dual-Channel-Wideband-Instructions1.pdf.

I will give your wiring suggestions a try anyway, thanks for that.

Im pretty sure those old analog ones were Daytona sensors controllers. These two documents will probably give you enough to work out the sensor connector pinout (BTW, it is a DT, not DTM). Hopefully these links will work, this forum software often messes up hyperlinks...



You were spot on with that info Adam, worked like a charm. Thank you very much!

Haltech also got back to me with the pinouts which further confirmed what was detailed in the documents you posted.

Once again, thanks.

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