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Plex knock monitor - receive only signal cylinder 1

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Can anyone point me in the right direction what might be root cause?

I do have plex monitor v2 with 2 knock sensors on a inline 6 cylinder bmw engine.

Trigger signal yo cylinder 1

My problem is that I do receive noise signals only for cylinder 1. All other cylinder stay at 0.

What could be the reason?

Did you setup your trigger setting? Firing order, associate which knock sensor is detecting knock for which cylinder?

Do you get a RPM Signal displayed on the Plex in monitor mode while running the engine?

Hi Frank

All positive

Trigger setup, firing order and dedicated cylinder is all set up and I do receive rpm signal.

Really strange


I think I did find the issue - but it is strange.

Within newest firmware you have the possibility to receive rpm and load via can from the ECU - which makes absolutely sense since u dont want to add another load sensor

But if you activate this, the plex kicks out the trigger connected to IGNITION of cylinder 1... But why? This should be seperated?

I do want to have load via CAN.

And I do need IGN signal from cylinder 1 to detect cylinder individual knock.

Seem as a bug for me

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