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Power Fc fueling method

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What is the proper method for fueling changes. I've heard 2 theories. Tuning fuel with the Inj Map, and tuning fuel with Base map. Some people say to set the Inj map as a target lambda, and tune the Base map to hit the Inj map values. Others have said to set Inj Map to 1.0 and just tune the Base Map. Which do you guys prefer and the advantages and disadvantages if done one way or the other. P.s. anything special to get the blackbox datalogit to connect to laptop with Windows 10? tried several time last night and no device detected, even though I had the correct Com port selected for the Usb-serial connector....Tried autoconnect, but got asked if ignition was on, from software.

I jump between them. I tend to start by shaping overall fueling using the base map, then going back to the Inj map for gross changes, apply that to the base map, then fine tune on the base map again. It's a stupid system.

So your main fueling is done through the Base map? Why do both? So both maps will change fueling? The Inj map is listed in Lambda and Air fuel, so I was under the impression that you set that up as a target, then tune your base to hit the target? Then maybe you would be able to change the Inj. table if you want to hit a certain Lambda if the Base was tune to the Lambda values in the first place... If that makes sense. I don't know if thats how it works, but I am just taking a guess by the values it lists. I haven't done any changes with it yet. Just trying to verify before I chase my tail.

From what I gather and have gleaned from years of half assed manuals and poorly translated documentation on Power FC/Datalogit combinations for rotaries, you are correct, the inj map is a correction map that is SUPPOSED to reference lambda and the Base map is SUPPOSED to be essentially a neutered VE table. I have never found this to be true though. I use the Inj map to make broad changes as it is just multiplicative of the base map then when I've done a round of large changes I apply Inj to the base map.

I will admit, even though I've tuned more than a couple dozen FDs, FCs, and swapped FBs that have gotten swaps I still really dislike the PFC and Datalogit so my drive to be an erudite in the product is....not there to say the least. I'm more than happy to share my experiences though.

Thank you. Yes, I would tend to agree. I would much rather have a current Standalone for sure. The Pfc is just so far back in time, but this car came in with it. Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it.

It's strange how they made it so complicated with the two fuel maps on the rotarys and a couple of other models. I had a PFC in my Subaru. That only had the one fuel table. I made a spreadsheet that helped me get the MAF spot on. Once you'd done that you could punch your desired Lambda targets straight into the fuel map and it would hit them.

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