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R32 gtr knock ears

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Hey guys/ gals and gurus a-like,

I've had a quick search of the forums my self to no avail, but looking to see where you guys post knock ears on a rb26 in a r32 gtr. Im not opposed to boring the sensor out on my phormula knock ear set up, but have had issues finding a spot that allows my bosh donut to fit, and going off the plenum all I feel I hear is head noise.

Any help is appreciated thanks!

Hey Zach,

I usually remove the OEM Front sensor and put my Bosch one there. Some people use one of the stud at the back of the head, exhaust side. Depending on your intake, you can also use the location where the bracket to remove your engine is, front right side of the head.

I've just finished up filming a worked example on the Emtron KV8 using an R34 GTR with a lightly modified RB26. I usually use the rear-most bolt hole at the back of the head on the exhaust side and find that this is very effective with my Link Knock Block and Plex Knock Monitor.

When referring to the rear bolt hole at the back of the head....are we refering to the exhaust side valve cover, or between the head and firewall?

Thanks for the quick response to all!

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