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hey guys, need some help here. I install my haltech p2000 to my 2jzgte single turbo with 850cc injectors and using a short runner intake manifold. Upon firing up the engine it idles up and then beats down to a very rough 1000 revs/min. I am using the base map that came with the haltech. Before starting I set the injectors to 850. what else do I need to do to complete the setup so it cam idle smoother?


start with the ignition sync process.

Hi Agontini,

You need to make sure that all of your input sensors are correctly configured and giving sensible readings. This includes the IAT, ECT, MAP and TPS values. As Peter has noted, you will also need to confirm the base ignition timing is correct with a timing light so that the actual ignition timing matches up with what the laptop is displaying. If you haven't already taken it, our Practical Dyno or Practical Road Tuning courses would be perfect for you as they cover a 10 step process taking you from a freshly installed ECU to a completely tuned finished result.

Thanks for the replies. I will take the road tuning course. really want to get it running properly and tuned correct.

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