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Rescale Breakpoints Using Excel

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I know I saw in a lesson Andre use Excel to easily redefine breakpoints - however I sadly didn't write is down and trying to find it and no luck... Anyone know the lesson I am talking about and could kindly refresh my memory? :)


I remembered when I woke up this morning... he was using it to invert axis's not to edit breakpoints...

I am trying to extend my load breakpoints on my timing tables as I am already overrunning the edge of the base map I am using even on the stock turbo. So right now I am just manually removing/condensing breakpoints where it makes sense to allow me to extend the higher ones out further. Its quite a manual process the way I am doing it - so if anyone has suggestions on an easier method I would love to hear it!


Really needs an interpolation function to do it fast ( you can probably play around with a heap of cell references interpolation but will need to redo each, I can probably repurpose a macro someone at work wrote for doing this to my own maps, may need vb modules added to work in excel.

If I make a sheet to do this I'm happy to share. I need to rescasle my apexi maps for 3 bar map sensor range/ single turbo anyway.

That would be great! Digging into this that seemed to be where the trend was going (VB). The breakpoints on my OE map just no longer make sense :) I have it working now but a tool would certainly be nice to be able to quickly rescale when the need arises :)