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rough idle after warm

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So I just scaled my fuel injectors; haven't touched my latency.

I'm working with ECUflash and logging with RomRaider on my 04 STi USDM

Fuel injectors have been upgraded to ID1050x from the stock OE 550 side feeds.

The idle after about 10 minutes of warm up keeps climbing and dipping to near shut off.

I posted a quick video; any help is appreciated.

Latency (or injector dead time) is most important at low pulse widths (like idling). So you need to fix that.

If that still doesn't help, perhaps your ECU doesn't have the timing resolution to deal with high volume injectors (I don't know, but something to investigate with an oscilloscope). Remember an OEM ECU is often built to a target cost, and may only have enough capability to run what the OEM expects.

What are the LTFT and STFT? Perhaps you just need to decrease your injector scaling...

If all you changed is your injectors and the vehicle was otherwise tuned, entering the proper injector data will make it continue running properly, but ECUFlash doesn't have the means for low IPW compensation which is an issue. As David said, also make sure your latency values are proper.

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