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RX7 base timing first start

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Hey all, I'm currently trying to get my mates RX7 running for the first time it has a 13B Bridgeport.

Is there anything different about setting base timing on a rotary, could someone give me some insight on what to do.

It is currently turning over and somewhat tries to fire but just won't go.

Any other information besides base timing to get it running would be much appreciated


You will need to set the base ignition timing, however this is a little different than a piston engine. The first part is to understand the timing marks and these will depend on the particular engine. For example an FD RX7 (13B REW) engine has a single timing mark at 20 deg ATDC but the earlier S4/5 13B has two timing marks - A yellow at 5 deg ATDC and a red mark at 20 deg ATDC.

You also need to understand that there is a leading and trailing plug on a rotary engine. I suggest that you lock the timing to something that relates to your specific timing marks, put the timing light on leading #1, and then disable the injection so you can crank the engine and set the timing without the engine firing.

Once you have the timing right you may also need to make adjustments to your fuel delivery until you can get the engine to start up.