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Spark Plug Wires to use with Motec CDI single channel and distributor on V8?

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Greetings all,

I am debating between buying a universal set of Taylor 409 (10.4mm) wires, and a universal set of Magnecore KV85 (8.5mm) wires for our car. We are going to be running a Motec single channel CDI with the mercury Marine coil (Motec M CDI 832757A4), a Motec M8, and a Holley Dual Sync distributor for the REF and SYNC. This is our first aftermarket engine with a CDI box and programmable EFI. We are going to mount the Motec M8 in the engine bay with a heat shield to protect it, and it will be located in a relatively cool area.

I have had issues with MSD wires in the past and not been very happy with them overall, but, I have generally had very good service out of Taylor 409 wires for lots of different vehicles, street and race, efi and carb.

I know Motec recommends Magnacor, but they are about $250 vs. $140 for the Taylors, and I am not sure if there is a operational or EMI difference between them.

Thoughts, experiences, etc. are welcome.


Unfortunately I haven't used the Taylor leads so can't comment from first hand experience. I've used both the Magnecore and MSD leads although I think only the MSD with a CDI and had no trouble.

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