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struggling to set up an 18-1 trigger wheel with motec M150

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hi there ive just fit a better wheel for more accuracy. its an 18-1 trigger wheel on a mitsubishi evo. im using the base setting from the trigger manufactures the ref tooth is 122 ATDC ive changed the properties on the motec too

crankshaft four stroke 1 missing

122 ATDC ref

number of teeth 18

the car wont even fire so i can fine tune with a timing light

Can you post up your package and we will see if we can help get you running.

Hi Andy,

Can you please do a Input Capture of the engine cranking with all of the plugs removed. Can you also clear check the Engine Speed Reference State and see if it gets into Cycle Lock.

does the problem solved?

I'm about to using the same trigger wheel on my m150 evo8

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