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Toyota 2ZZ-GE Valve Lift and Timing - Link G4+

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Hi all,

I have an application with a 2ZZ-GE using a Link G4+ and wondering if anyone has some accurate specifications or info on setting up the lift and timing using a Link G4+

Settings such as solenoid frequency, duty cycles or anything that might be quirky when it comes to the Link unit.

I'm going to review the practical stand alone for the Link ECU and wondered if any other webinars might be worth a re-watch.



Found a starter for six :)

All the basic VVT and trigger settings are in the engine specific section of the PC Link help file. Have a look here: Engine Specific Information > Toyota > Toyota 2ZZ-GE

Thanks Adam, should have mentioned, already got those settings in. If thats sufficient to get started then will get it onto the dyno. Cheers.

Yes those will get you started with minimum fuss. Also have a read of the help file subject "cam angle test". Even when you do have preconfigured data it is still a good idea once running to do the cam angle test to set-up the cam offsets correctly - this is basically zeroing the cams while in their home positions (a bit like setting your base timing).