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Toyota 4E FTE engine build with Honda pistons

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Gys I'm planing to build a starlet 4efte engine using honda d15 high compression pistons,may be vtec ones.

The standard bore is 74mm on toyota and honda is 75mm

The deck hight can be matche and the conrod can be swapped two

toyota block will be bored to match honda piston size

thinking of a 1mm gasket as well.

So I'm seeking opinions, with the lowered stroke length in toyota the honda pistons will act like low compression pistons.

Im planing to bore out the exhaust valves with a bigger diameter as well.

will this work?

I'd say that yes, this could work but there's a lot of variables to consider. Obviously the first step is to make sure the pistons will physically fit which it sounds like you've done. This includes compression height, wrist pin diameter and bore diameter and clearance between the bottom of the skirt and the crank journals. Beyond this you need to consider the crown shape/volume which will affect CR and valve clearance. Provided this is all suitable there's no reason it won't work.

Thanks Simon,got the engine from the machine shop. will keep you posted on the progress

Just to be clear, it's Andre. Simon is my surname ;)