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Triumph Daytona 675R 3 Cylinder - which ECU?

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hey All,

i have the above engine in a side car build. im looking to spec an ecu for it but im looking for a few opinions.

the spec is as follows

4 pin bipolar stepper motor for ICV

crank 24-2

6 injectors. 3x primary and 3x secondary - planning to run these staged.

coils are triumph 2 pin COP. im hoping though the k20 coils will fit, they look close, and will remove the need of an amplifier. the OEM ones dont have an external amplifier, so i guess its built into the OEM ECU?

wideband lambda

so far i rounded up the Maxxecu sport or ECUMaster EMU Black. both within the 1k budget.

another thing im trying to figure is does a 3 cylinder engine require a Cam/Home signal? the engine doesnt have one. one thing i didnt check before i left the garage was the MAP sensor. i think the oem ecu is getting its home trigger from the map... could someone confirm this?

ive attached diagrams i found.



Attached Files

Yes, any four-stroke engine will still need some unique event that occurs only once every 720deg to sync phase off. Many bike engines do use the MAP sensor for sync but the ECU you choose will need to support that strategy. I think Maxx support MAP sync provided the map sensor is in a single cyl port (ITB). I don't think ECUMaster support MAP sync at all.

Yes it looks like the factory ECU has coil drivers built-in.

hey Adam

thanks for the reply. yes youre correct, Maxx support it. Haltech, Motec and Link also do i believe but ECUMaster does not.

also realised i typo'd, meant to say Maxxecu Race. the sport only has 1x H-Bridge output, not enough for the ICV on this engine.

I'm finding mixed feedback on using the map as sync. some have said itll run fine, others not so much. i dont know is it because its not common practice? i yet have to find someone local to me thats actually ran MAP as sync input..



If it is a single throttle body per cylinder, and there is a noticeable variance in the pressure signal between the throttle plate and inlet port when the engine is cranking and the inlet valve is open, then using MAP sync can work. You need to be able to configure the ECU to ignore the MAP Sync signal over a certain Engine Speed as well to avoid reversion effects, as well as the pulse being smoothed out at higher engine speeds.

I have configured and run a number of engines with a MoTeC M1 ECU using MAP Sync, they take a little bit of fine tuning to get them setup correctly, but once they are setup, they have been as consistent starting as an engine with a normal Sync sensor.

Hey Stephen. thats good to know. thank you!

i had a look at the engine the other night. it looks like there could be some space to mount a proxity sensor in the rocker cover and pick up a plate at the end of the cam. i will also wire in the MAP sensor and have it there as a provision for the tuner.

so update on the ECU choice. the EMU Black wont work for the install. the ECU only supports batch ijection on the staged injection outputs. you can only select a max of 2 outputs! i emailed ECUMaster just to confirm and they confirmed the ECU cannot run sequential fueling on the staged injection.

im now looking at the MaxxECU Race. its a big spec ECU for the build, but my problem is the ICV is bipolar stepper motor. so i need 2x h- bridge outputs.

the k20 coils didnt work out either. too long. up next ill try the short VAG Coil. does anyone have a link to a site with coil spec sheets? dwell timings, current draw etc...

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