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Tuning cruise control in aftermarket ECUs

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Hello everyone

Two part question. How good is the quality of the cruise control used in aftermarket ECUs? Thinking the likes of link and haltech.

Also if they perform decently has anyone had them work well with itbs? The only factory itb cars i have driven did not have cruise control, i am wondering if they present a specific issue when running the system.

Thanks in advance

Link requires an E-Throttle to use cruise control.

I'm not sure on other ECUs, if they are able to control external cruise modules.

I would be very surprised if any ECU on the market would link into an after market third party Cruise Control system as there are too many liabilities if something goes wrong.

As with most functions in an CU, the quality of the operation of the cruise control will come down to how well the system has been set-up in the ECU by the tuner, if shortcuts have been taken, then it is going to be pretty crap. You could have a really good CC system that drives poorly as time hasn't been taken to set it up. This is one system that you would want being set-up by someone who is willing to take the time to do it correctly.

All of the after-market ECU's that I have looked at that offer CC require the use of a DBW throttle system to operate, if the ECU that you have will support the use of ITB's then the CC system will work with them.

I have cruise control set up in one of our test cars that I'm driving at the moment, it actually controls speed much better than the factory ecu did. I suspect the factory probably purposely slows down the throttle movement and/or has a bigger deadband for emissions and economy. It now sits within about 0.5kmh of target at all times whereas with the factory ecu it would fall behind by about twice that amount up hills etc. You now cant feel the drop then sudden surge of power like you used to when you reach a hill either.

It didn't actually take much tuning effort to get it working nice in this car but I haven't tuned enough to know if that is a typical experience or not. ITB's should be fine assuming you can control the speed smoothly with your foot then the ECU shouldn't have any drama.

Thanks for all the input everyone. Sounds like an endeavour worth venturing

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