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Hello All! My name is Ryan And I have kind of hit a wall with my project. 2014 VW Jetta EA888 gen 3 non mqb 1.8t CPRA with 09G Tiptronic 6 speed trans.

I have full bolt on kit : BOSS 500 turbo with Full 3" intake and turbo back w/ high flow cat along with 3" large surface area drop in intercooler. No one makes a tune for this. UM and Unitronic have one for the 2.0 but not 1.8. Had a tuner that I paid well to create a tune file for it and he could not get past a torque limiting issue that would send me into limp mode at 4800 rpm and earlier as the revision files came.

I was able to overcome the issue but now this tune is absolutely the highest performance, screaming spool, and most fun edition of my car ever the fuel trims are way off and it is just not right with lambda either just need some one to look it over and if able to guide me to get this stable. As of now back to stage one till I know this is relatively safe.

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Im having a similar issue with a TTS atm. Also no proper tunes i trust

At first the intank pump couldnt supply the hpfp with enough fuel. So we fixed that. The ECU kept overcorrecting the fuel flow. So built a module for that.

Now the thottle body doesn't wanna open when you floor is as the ECU thinks you dont need that mucch then suddenly all 600hp unleashes at once. It was quite unsettling first time the car did that.

I found the issue was the ECU doesnt process information fast enough. There is very little information in this out there. Boost controllers tend to interfere bypass valves tend to melt.

Do you have VCDS?

I do Have VCDS and Vag Can Pro I also use j2534 and vehical for logging as I found the latest revision of vcds to be to slow on refresh rate as far as logging is concerned. Are you SIMOS 12.2? I have sourced some 2.0 injectors that I might try as well as upgrading the hpfp but on my car the first tune that was written worked for a while then its like the transmission adapted and a new torque limit was imposed. none of my components are bad or going out and it rips through 1 and 2 so long as i dont go past 75% throttle. I know this will influence torque baselines and trims but the trims are so off right now anyway and its super lean at the top of the gear. but I can understand that. Its just so drastic a ramp up. my throttle map max is 82%

Hi Ryan, first of all I apologise for the slow reply to your questions. Secondly and more importantly though I don't think I can offer much help as this is not a platform I have any experience with. It does appear that your trims are a mile out and that's definitely pointing to some fundamental issues. Unfortunately I don't even know if this model is MAF-sensed or SD. It seems that depending on the exact model it maybe Simos 12 or Bosch MED17? Either way though it sounds like the MAF calibration or VE or possibly injector data is incorrect? The leaning out at high rpm may also simply indicate you're out of injector and/or fuel pump. We're working on a WinOLS course but unfortunately it's a bit too soon for it to be relevant to help you out. Sorry I can't be more help.