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Tuning out Cylinder Deactivation

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On a GM LTx engine, how do you go about tuning out the cylinder deactivation? I know the physical aspect of getting rid of it (ie: plugging oil ports and changing out lifters), but don't know how to tune it out. I'm assuming if something isn't tuned out, the computer will still be trying to activate the cylinder deactivation. What needs to happen?

Hi Paul, you just need to find the DOD (Displacement on Demand) tab in the fuel section of the calibration and set the master enable switch to disable. Wrote that to the ECM and the job is done from a software side. There's no real need to deal with the hardware side unless you're planning a cam swap.

Thanks Andre. I figured it would be easy ... you just confirmed. As far as the hardware, I'd like to get rid of the DoD lifters as they are prone to failure ... Just don't like them at all. I have a 2018 Silverado with the 5.3 ... plan to eliminate the DoD crap as soon as the warranty runs out. Thanks again.

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