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Any tricks to help aid turbo spool?

I've heard people saying about mappers doing something "different" to aid spool, but I can't think what would help get the gasses or more gasses through there faster?

You can see a small improvement by targeting a slightly leaner mixture during spool up to increase EGT and hence provide more energy to the turbine. This is known as lean spool, and is incorporated in many of the late model Mitsubishi EVO factory tune strategies. Personally I don't see a significant difference using lean spool but you can always try it and see for yourself.

Many tuners believe that retarding the timing will aid spool. In my experience that is counter productive as it reduces engine torque. I've always found (with the exception of launch control), that you will see the best results by tuning the ignition timing to MBT.

Ok Andre - thanks for the tip. Sounds like something to try, but really I just need to wait for it to get going! Cheers.