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Unwanted retard!!

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hi guys, today i was tuning a land cruiser 1fzfe on motec m800, i got the car runing on ref/sync mode 8, number of cylinders was set 36, coils are ls2 bosch coils, i got the car idling correctly the only problem that i am facing is when i push the throttle open the engine keeps on retarding, rpm goes up to 4000 then the car keeps on building boost and i cant go more than 4000 rpm, i already changed the cam and crank sensors, checked the timing on the pulley( i 0ed it) but still cant find the solution. Could it be due to damaged coils?!

It sounds like you have Anti Lag or Launch control enabled, and one or both or these are enabling.

Hello blackrex, i have checked both of them, they both are set off, could this be because of coils wired in a wrong way? All coils are working fine but could the wiring of them retard the engine?

If you need help diagnosing any unexpected control behavior then you at least need to provide some info and data. In this case I suggest the bare minimum you need to provide is:

A copy of the ecu config.

A ref/sync capture.

A data log of the engine running somewhere near the problem area.

Check the crankshaft position sensor some times this happend when the crank sensor wired wrong

Holy ancient post batman!

But this is a really good example of a common problem, I suspect Mohammad has hit the nail on the head. A VR sensor wired up with the polarity backwards will cause timing drift like this.

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