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V8 bank fuel trimming

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Hi Andre,

you've talked about fuel trimming and the approach in the last two webinars. Though this was because of EGTs, my question aims on a bank to bank lambda setup.

On a known engine to you - in this case a GM LSx - do you tune the main fuel table to the richer bank and trim fuel out of the leaner bank, or the other way around.

I know there's no right or wrong way, what I'm getting at I guess is, if you know on those particular engines, if one way favours the other.



On the LS engines I wouldn't necessarily run a bank to bank trim. I haven't had the benefit of running individual lambda or EGT in one of these engines, however from monitoring the lambda in both exhaust collectors I've typically found them to be pretty close. It;s not an issue I've personally seen but I believe you can run into problems with cylinder 7 (from memory) running a little lean if you are running the stock fuel rails and really pushing the engine hard. This is a fuel distribution issue based on the cross over fuel rail design.

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