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VG30DETT Cam trigger setup

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Hi Guys

I seem to be stuck at a cross road with replacing original Nissan opto CAS with a 24-1 tooth wheel and reluctor trigger kit in my 300zx. I am running a G4+ Link ecu.

No.1 is this doable?

No.2 Two wire reluctor (black & white wire) how do I connect to original wiring?

No.3 How do I set up ecu to run this set up?

I have recently tried installing and setting trigger to reluctor and 24 minus 1. But had no luck. My last resort will be getting it installed when taking it to get tuned which will end up costing more and my knowledge lacking.


There are a lot of trigger kits on the market, can you give us a little more insight on which one you are using?

It should be doable but like I said, a little bit of information is needed so we can help you!

Hi Frank

Apologies forgot to add that vital info. It is a yelsha D trigger kit.

Attached Files

I dont know the wire colours for that sensor but I would initially assume black is -ve and white is +ve then do a trigger scope while cranking to confirm polarity is correct. Connect white to trig 1 and black to gnd.

Original CAS loom pinouts:

Software setup something like below. I dont know the offset for a VG30 but RB's are usually around 95, so try starting there:

Thanks Adam

I will have another attempt at it and see how I go. I shall Save any data as i am going along and shall post if I have any issues to see where i am going wrong or what is needed to correct any issues if not successful.

Thanks for the for the help and info so far.

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