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Wideband Lambda sensor position

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Hello from France,

I'm fitting a Link can wideband lambda G4+ on my Mitsubishi Evo 8 (with Link G4+ ecu of course) and I need your advise for the position of the sensor on the downpipe ?

At what distance from the outlet of the turbo I need to weld the bung for the sensor ? I have a 3 inch diameter downpipe.

I need to fit a second wideband sensor for my Zeitronix, do I need to fit it 180 deg from this one ? A bit after it ?

Thanks for your feedback ;)

The location for a wideband sensor is often driven more by where you have a suitable location for it. General best practice is to mount the sensor around 500 mm from the turbine outlet but I've also had good life from sensors mounted within 100 mm of the outlet - It's very application dependent. The other suitable location I used in EVOs was to mount the sensor further back in the exhaust (around the drivers pedal box area). This does result in a slight latency in measurements at low engine speed but it's not an issue at high load/rpm. For the second sensor, just fit it where you have room. It will make no difference if it's 180 degrees opposed or directly behind the other sensor.

Thanks you Andre for your reply ;)

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