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Happy New Year to everyone out there.

I hope you all had a wonderful end to 2023.

I am starting my 2024 with a blast from the past, a WOLF V500 standalone ECU in a very cranky little roller 355 Holden 5.0 litre Stroker, fitted to a genuine VT HSV CLUBSPORT.

The engine is running a WOLF V500 ( Aussie ECU not the cheaper Chinese VER 3,4 or 5), which was also released.

I am trying to find any information on the tuning software and it's keyboard shortcut strokes.

I have attached all i seem to be able to find, however, i can't find any information explaining exactly what the dot above the equals symbol on numbers 2 and 3 aswell as the dot above the number -1 on the forth example.

If anyone has any information they are willing to share with me, i would very much appreciate it.


Kind Regards

Dave Kriedeman.

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I'd ignore the dot, enter values as the window otherwise describes, confirm it altered the data as intended, and off you go. It will only take a few seconds to confirm.

If I recall correctly from the last time I used one of those ECU's, the dash is a line separator that used to be drawn longer than is showing here.


thanks for the replies.

I have ignored those prompts also.

I have the car on the dyno and have discovered no matter what i do i can not make the ignition timing move.

Car is a 5.0 litre VT HSV Clubsport.

Car has been running previously.

Went to a workshop for a tune and has never run since.

I repaired burnt wiring loom.

I have the car starting running etc but, it is as though the timing lock is stuck on.

However activating the timing lock and entering a lock timing value comes up on the laptop screen.

Timing stays the same.

Turn the timing lock off, rev the engine stays at the same timing.

The software cursor moves on the laptop but the timing will not advance.

Change the REF OFFSET value timing still wont move.

I am wondering, if i can move the output and change the ignition sequence in the software and see if that changes anything incase there is a fault with that output.

Does anyone have experience with these V500 and this type of problem?



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