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World Time Attack Challenge 2015 - HPA Tuner Meetup

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If you are in Sydney this Saturday for World Time Attack Challenge, Andre and I would love to catch up for a drink.

To make it easy, we've organised a "Tuner Meetup" at our Hotel and it would be great if you could come along and say "hi". It's a chance for us to put faces to names, meet new people and it's also a great place for you to meet up with other like minded tuners.

I've organised some light finger food and a bar tab so all you have to do is turn up. Oh and I should mention it's free.

Here is the link with all the information and details on how to RSVP:

Hope to see you there. Any questions let me know.

I wish I could!

I watched the WTAC live stream, does that count? :)

Have you guys already decided on shows in 2016? I specifically talking about SEMA and/or PRI as I'm planning on going ;)

@KGPerformance, nope we haven't done a calendar for 2016 yet. At a guess we will be at PRI :)