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hi bro

i see some tuner lock timing to = 0 ... why ?

When I got my burnout car tuned I had 2 out source it 2 anouther tuner and he told me he did that incase I had 2 replace the crank angle again that it's easyer 2 line it up that way rather than having 2 make sure u have got the right spot eg RB cas I prefer centered but others set it one way 4 the above reason I've been told by my preferred tuner that centered or factory position is best

I'm assuming you're talking about just during the process of setting the base timing? In this case some engines only have a TDC marker rather than a series of timing marks. This makes it impossible to set the timing at anything other than zero degrees advance.


we talking about nissan y61 for example ... i see alot of tuner he set 0 timing during the process of setting the base timing

is there any advantages for what he do !

As stated -- yes the advantage is that you can see the TDC timing mark without needing a dial-back timing light.

@David Ferguson and @Andre.Simon

i got your idea :)

but to be clear .. there no advantages when we set base timing 0 or 10 or 20 .... right !?

i see someone put 0 at base timing .. and he put 25btdc at idle ( on the table )

Provided you have a physical reference to the timing value you've set as a reference it just doesn't matter. Usually though you'll find the engine won't happily idle at 0 deg advance so if possible 10,15, or 20 will make the engine run smoother and hence make your life a little easier. You can get around the poor running at 0 deg advance by raising the idle speed though.