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darton or HKS sr20 cylinder sleeves and billet caps?

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hello im building am building an sr20vet for multi events (drift drag targa sprints) and hoping for the 600-700 hp mark with nitros on stepper for antilag running flexifuel with multiple tunes based on events

has anyone got any advise on cylinder sleeves options are darton or Hks (as have come up a lot cheaper thru auction site)

and mazworx billet main caps

running bottom end cp pistons manley h beam rods fully balanced rotating assembly custom flywheel and tilton twin plate clutch and ross balancer mated to a z33 6 speed gearbox

have also brought plazmaman billet girdle and 1/2 main studs wondering if billet caps are required would like to make it really reliable also have grooved mains to run 5 window gtir bearings and running mazworxs 1/2 head studs any advise will be much appreciated


I have no Experience or even heard of HKS sleeves, didn't know they make Sleeves,

However I do have Experience with Darton Sleeves, and they have been very good, both Dry and Wet M.I.D. Sleeves, Knowing HKS they tend to mark their products a bit more expensive so probably Darton would be Cheaper,

Darton has been making Sleeves for a While, and probably HKS are just re-branded sleeves, but should be good quality

Hope that helps

No recommendations, but i would stress the importance of having the work done by a COMPETENT, EXPERIENCED machine shop*.

I expect you're on several forums down here so you can check where they have had good expereinces and can recommend. If it comes down to it, sending the block over to the 'States (or Aussie) to get the work done is still going to be a lot cheaper than a foul up that will still need the work to be redone, maybe with another block.

*An example of why this is very important - I served my apprenticeship in a smallish town, way back in the day, and as neither machine shop was what I would call competent, I drove to Auckland to have a SBC block machined by a "specialist" with a deck plate, etc... Some of you old farts may remember the place on K road - Champion Motors, I think it was called - complete BS talking cowboys couldn't even get the bores on centre, missing by a good 20 thou' and ruining a (then) expensive 4 bolt block.

This is going to come across as potentially a little controversial but often sleeves cause more trouble than they fix. As Gord has mentioned above, it's 100% essential that you deal with a very competent machine shop and it's almost a requirement that they use a quality CNC mill to machine the block for the sleeves. If they get it wrong you'll be chasing issues with the sleeves dropping.

Locally here in NZ there is an S14 time attack car that runs an SR20VE engine making around 520 kW atw on a dynpack dyno that uses a stock block with no sleeves. I'd say that this would be right on the limit of where I'd be comfortable running, and certainly above the level most people would think achievable but there you go.

Forgot all about LA Sleeve - www.lasleeve.com - which may be another option?

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