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Excess Engine Sealant

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Hey everyone,

I applied some Three Bond sealant to my 1ZZ between the block and crankcase per the service manual direction. I felt that I followed the directions well, but I saw this inside the block, I've attached the image below.

I understand the amount of sealant seeping out is excessive, but can this do harm to the engine under operation? I understand that it can possibly clog the oil pickup tube. Should I remove this excess and attempt at resealing?

Thank you!

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Compared to the grossly excessive amounts many use, that is quite minor. However, you're fortunate in being able to simply clean it off with a sharp screwdriver or knife if you're concerned, as it is a girdle and you have access - I would but many would leave it.

I would scrape what I can off and leave it, but definitely give it a good go at trying to remove what you can once it's complete cured.

Thanks for the advice!

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