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Precision in ring gaps

Practical Engine Building

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How precise do ring gaps have to be? and in relation to each other? I'll elaborate;

Obviously too tight is an issue but is it ok to be slightly over by say .0005?

Upon measuring one of my top rings on No.1 cylinder with a feeler gauge - i feel a slight drag at .023 (My goal) But, another top ring (No.2 cylinder) I went slightly over and the .023 slips easily in with no drag. I tried a .024 feeler gauge but could not fit without moving the ring and using force so I guess it must be closer to .0235...

If this is fine, will I now need to take away .0005 on the 2nd ring of No.2? or am I being to fastidious,meticulous?

Kind regards

I always aim for perfection but you need to also be realistic and I'd have no concern with a variation of 0.0005" between rings.

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