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Engine swapped VQ37VHR

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I'm working my was through a wiring loom design for an VQ37VHR +twin turbo engine swap into an EH Holden ute, and could use a little help! I have an Entron KV12 ECU and Blackbox P30 at the heart of the system, and have pretty much finished the loom design, with a few loose ends.

1. The VQ37 uses a 3-pin crankshaft position sensor (sensor pwr, sensor gnd, signal), and the Emtron has a two pin crank index +/-. Can I use the dedicated emtron pins, or should I connect the signal to a digital input instead?

2. I'm going to delete the MAF sensors and use the throttle mass airflow calcualtion capability of the Emtron, and just fit up an aftermarket inlet air temperature sensor. Has anyone done this, and is it the way to go?

3. I have a Dakota Digital custom HDX dash. Has anyone been successful at communicating between an Emtron and the DD controller via Canbus?



1. + is the signal, - is the ground, for the sensor power supply you would use 5V, 8V or 12V depending on what the sensor requires.

Thanks Adam, I also got a good response from Emtron support when I asked them the question, and they were able to resolve my MAF questions too. Now just struggling to find someone who has got the Dakota Digital HDX talking to an EMtron via CAN - will save me a bunch of complexity if I can get it to work. Niether Dakota Digital nor Emtron were abe to help.

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