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How to make Canbus device ‘drops’

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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What is best practise for creation of a Canbus from scratch? I am wiring up the race car that has had all wiring stripped. Have ECU, dash/logger, MSEL isolator, and PMU. All Canbus capable. I will set the ECU and ADU (dash) as terminators at each end of the bus.

they are easy - each end of the twisted pair terminate into their plugs.

my question is how do I physically wire the two other devices (MSEL and PMU) ? Some sort of drop from the bus? Do I just create a loop and terminate two wires into each High and low pin? Or do I take a single wire from high and single from low and splice them into main bus?

thanks, mike

I try and make my bus run through the car in such a way that I can bring each unit off the bus as a node. These nodes should be less than 500 mm from the bus ideally. Then of course you need a terminating resistor at each end of the bus. A nice way of splicing your nodes into the main bus is to do this off the back of a 2 pin (or 4 pin if you're adding 12V and Ground) DTMN connector. I use an open barrel splice and splice into the bus behind the connector where it can be hidden behind the boot and strain relieved.

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