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info on awg and color on wire ?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi in what part on the course do you go threw what AWG to use for the different connectors for example , injectors,coils,fuel pumps ? And what color to use for what.

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There are a number of charts available on the internet showing the AWG Vs. Current capacities of different types of wire, also the suppliers of the wire will also have this information available. To determine what gauge of wire is needed, you need to calculate the average and peak current draw from the device that you are controlling, as well as the length of wire to be used. Once this is known, then you can go back to the wire capacity chart and determine the gauge required. You will also need to take into account the types of connectors being used (that the selected wire is compatible with the crimp and will correctly seal) as well as durability requirements for the loom.

Colour of wire used comes down to you preference, some people will group like functions to have the same colour wires, some thing like this;

Sensor inputs Yellow

Injectors Blue

Ignition Orange

Solenoids Green

5V+ White

BattV+ Red

0V Grey

Grounds Black

Other will just run the same colour wire through the whole loom and use colour markers (small pieces of heat shrinks in various colours) to differentiate wires and ensure that everything is correctly documented.

ok , coould you say 20 awg on the most wires and 18awg on the 12v cables for example ? Of course if somethhing needs power , you go with 16 or 14awg. But for signal,ground , sensor ,ignition,injector ,, 20awg.

And 12v and 5v ,,,, 18awg ,, depends if it branches out.

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