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relocating fuse/relay box, EMI issues?

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Hey guys, am working on a build and we need to re-locate the engine bay fuse/relay box to the interior, behind the glove box. The ECU is also located in that area, the battery and alternator cables will need to run closeby. Will there be any issues with EMI or anything of that sort? Should we use EMI shielded sleeve, or take any other preventive measures to ensure reliable operation with minimal noise?

Hey Bobby,

I don't see it happening. The common EMI issues comes from induction, and to have induction you need a pulsed DC (like a coil, injector, CAN, Hall effect, PWM...) or AC voltage (like a VR sensor). Although there could be a small ripple in your alternator wire, it shouldn't affect the ECU or its wiring.


As Francis said, it's very unlikely the small ripple will have an affect.

You could add a small smoothing capacitor to reduce the ripple, if desired - usually sold as suppressors in auto' audio shops.