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Splicing grounds on a Subaru ej engine

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hey guys. About to cut my ground wires and before I do, I wanted to see what everyone usually does as far as splicing before you ground to the engine block. I’ll have my coils, cam sensor and a few other grounds per side of my engine harness. I spliced both sets of coils on either side after a 250mm run from a boot. Could I just do the ground splice at the same point? Or should I run individual ground wires from each coil, cam sensor, etc. to the start point on the block?

It's really a personal preference/packaging consideration more than anything. There's nothing wrong with running the individual grounds to a star earthing point which is usually how I'd personally deal with this. I would still terminate all the earths into a single eyelet terminal for simplicity and this also ensures that a single earth doesn't get missed out during loom installation. As a rule, for reliability I prefer to place a splice only at a connector rather than in the middle of a harness.

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