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Curious if there is any plans to have another Q&A webinar in the future, I missed the last one with work unfortunately but have been closely keeping an eye out for the next one! As I still get comfortable with the core tuning approach and firm up the fundamentals around EFI tuning, it can be a huge asset to ask a question in real-time whenever something is not fully clicking or if there is a misconception that is holding me back from fully understanding the reason behind certain decisions or processes when it comes to tuning.

Also - I would LOVE to see a webinar at some point regarding Megalogviewer HD (or even Logviewer from epifansoft - but pretty sure it's not nearly as popular as Megalogviewer).

As a Cobb user/tuner I'm pretty limited on what Accesstuner offers in terms of analyzing datalogs, so I have to rely on 3rd party log viewers and after making the switch to Megalogviewer from Epifansoft, I feel like Megalogviewer has a ton to offer that I'm just not utilizing. In general I'd love to see or learn more about how we can tweak and adjust the X/Y/Z tables, or (with the optional Z delta) as well as the scatterplot tool in different scenarios - since to-date the most i've been able to use it for is looking for errors when attempting to calibrate a MAF sensor.

Just some food for thought!

Hi James, apologies for the slow response. We don't have plans for another Q&A webinar right now but of course if you have questions I'm happy to help in here. As for MLVHD you may want to check out this webinar - https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/251-using-romraider-and-mlvhd/

Also if you own the practical reflash tuning course then we use MLVHD in the Cobb WRX worked example. This might be something that will help you out.