Diesel Reflash Tuning Solutions

Finding the right reflashing software can be difficult, especially in the diesel tuning world as there are fewer options when compared to those available to gasoline engine tuners. As much as we wish we could just plug our laptop in and start making adjustments, it just isn't that easy and we require special software for our specific ECU in order to make these changes.

Your search for the right reflash tuning software package will be made even more difficult by the fact that many companies just providing their own 'off the shelf' 'one size fits all' tunes or worse, a product that gives you minimal access to make tuning changes. While these options have their place in the market, for those of us wanting full custom tune specific to our own engine in order to get the best performance possible, those options don't cut it.

Below, we have compiled a list of software that will give you access to all the necessary maps and allow you to freely make changes to them. This is by no means an all-inclusive list so if you know of any other software packages that offer this functionality, we're all ears!

logo hp tuners

HP Tuners | www.hptuners.com

Offering support for certain GM, Chrysler (Dodge, Jeep etc) and Ford platforms.


EFI Live | www.efilive.com

GM, Dodge and Chevrolet options.


Smarty UDC | www.madselectronics.com

Cummins specific tuning via Dodge platforms.

logo ez lynk

EZ LYNK | www.ezlynk.com

Late motel Ford, GM and Chrysler/Dodge/Ram pickups are the go-to for EZ Lynk.


SCT | www.sctflash.com

You'll find a range of Ford, GM and Dodge options here.

Please note that while High Performance Academy can teach you how to use this tuning software, we do not sell it. Please contact the software developers if you're interested in purchasing.

Interested in learning how to tune your diesel engine using any reflashing software package? Check out the Ultimate Diesel Tuning Package to kickstart your diesel tuning knowledge.